Main Motivation!!!

cropped-red-megaphone-redo.pngMy motivation for creating this site is simply to give a beacon of hope to the many who have decided to bend to their circumstances and accept defeat! I like many other members of the human race face this battle on an everyday basis! The battle that begins by walking into a room painted in negativity attempting emerge on a positive note, to get 99 no’s and still strive for the 100th answer to be yes. Known or unknown to our knowledge many of life’s beautiful moments take place during the fall however the true art lies in standing back up! The message this site is designed to deliver is simple you can do it and kick ass at it ! Life is to short to only look at your short comings forcing you to stray away from long lived success! Success has never politically correct!

You are unique and so are your goals some of us find perfection in our personal lives from money, beauty,and humanitarian causes etc , but no matter where your image of perfection lies the heart of it exists within you! You have the power to make what ever dream you have as real as the ground beneath your feet or the power to let it die without having ever existed.

You come into this world with the two P’s problems and power the power to rise to the occasion or to allow your birthright problems to rule your life. From the womb to the tomb 365 days a year the decision to FUCK DEFEAT! is yours….